Friday, April 27, 2012

Poem In Your Pocket Day - Virginia Woolf

A Room of One's Own    - Virginia Woolf 

page 65

" Thus, towards the end of the eighteenth century

a change

came about which,

if I were rewriting history,

I should describe more fully

and think of greater


than the Crusades or the Wars of the Roses.

The middle-class

For if PRIDE AND PREJUICE matters,


then it matters

far more than I can prove
in an hour's discourse
hat women generally,
and not merely the
lonely aristocrat
shut up in her country house
among her folios
and her flatterers


Photograph by Michelle Mattei

Poem in Your Pocket Day - Chiwan Choi

OK, I know                     Poem In Your Pocket Day           was yesterday, but I was down with a cold.  Here is a worth offering from Mr. Choi. Go to his site for more.  It is astonishing to watch Lauren Bacall light a cigarette in real time. GREAT ONE!

the garage
chiwan choi

the garage, once white,
sits quiet in the sun.
there is
a crack growing 
on the side of it, 
on the now gray wall,
starting from the bottom 
by the empty fish bowls
dirty paint cans, 
rising in three strands towards 
the small boarded up window, 
splitting into eight or ten,
these rivers
of my life 
that want to reach the sky,
one new crack, 
young and thin, 
breaking off its route
with a quick hook 
to the left, 
heading toward the shovel,
the rusted rain gutter, 
the half brown leaf 
caught spinning
from spiderwebs 
spun last spring.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poetry In Your Pocket Day - Charles Bukowski

In celebration of National Poem In Your Pocket day, let's begin with:

Charles Bukowski. 

This man cuts right to the bone of things, to the heart of the matter, to the patter of the dogs feet on the hardwood floors, to the ants crawling over the garbage cans, to the hand that reaches under the lampshade and turns off the light.

His poem "the telephone" is also on the blog, one of my favorites.

by Charles Bukowski

a lot of






it's not

either to


or even to


This is the way he breaks his lines in the book THE LAST NIGHT OF THE EARTH POEMS.

There is the link if you would like to buy the book and have a lot of laughs, when the day is long and you can't take it any more, go to Buk and listen to what he has to say, in gratitude, for instance: you go to your car, it's there, you get in, it starts, well, that's a good day.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I miss Downton Abbey, I need MORE DOWNTON ABBEY

 We're waiting.

And waiting for series 3 of Downton Abbey. It's going to be a while, so I am reviewing series 2 just to get back to a little more Edwardian & Georgian fashion, to see what scheming Thomas and O'Brien are up to, watch the episode where Mr. Pamuk dies in Lady Mary's bed, and drool over those evening gowns Lady Mary Crawley looks so very comfortable dining in each evening.

Oh swoon.

I've read the books, Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey, which is a fascinating account of how Highclere Castle

was built and the incredible life of Lady Almina, the 5th Countess of Carnarvon, and Rose, my life in service to Lady Astor which gives a fabulous account from the lady's maid point of view.

I just love Downton Abbey, and ALL the characters Julian Fellowes has created from Carson the Butler and Mrs. Patmore to Lord Grantham, Lady Mary and of course Violet, the Dowager Countess.
I have to revisit Lady Mary's glorious bedroom from time to time....all that sumptuous red fabric on the much red in this production, just absolutely wonderful.

Here Lady Mary is trying to look controlled, but it isn't to last.
Sister Lady Edith is out to get her, I mean really, writing a letter to the embassy, can you imagine what would happen to that today?

Anna is the compassionate one. She must be in tune with the Dalai Lama.

Now THIS blouse, front and back is superb as is the ever so light watery green fabric on the walls with the gold picture frames against them.

Marriage is in the cards, but OH, the obstacles they must all go through, kind of like the obstacles poor Joey had to traverse in WAR HORSE.

Remember THIS red in Sir Richard Carlisle's dressing room?

Dinner and the ultimate evening gown. Simple, elegant, sumptuous.

That is leather on the walls.
The Kiss that means it.

Sir Richard won't let up...let's get Married!
Lady Mary tells Matthew he won't love her if he knows what she did.

Lavinia's graveside, gosh too bad she had to die to get her out of the way.
Christmas snow...why are they always outside in these sleeveless gowns?

He tells her he loves her anyway and Mr. Pamuk will never come back to haunt them.

Then gets down on his knees to propose.

Oh, yes, I love the love story, hopelessly romantic..."I'm susceptible to stars in the sky, I'm incurably romantic...."

Thank you for the splendid image you have left us with.

Series 3 coming in the fall.

I will be in Highclere Castle this summer, stay tuned for blog posts. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Montana Fishing - Livingston, Depuy Spring Creek

 Want to go where there is no traffic?

Fly into Bozeman, Montana and take the 90 East to Livingston. There you will find sweet people, no traffic, great food & marvelous fishing.

And and of course you know that you will have slipped through the veil and gone into one of the most beautiful places in America.
There is a simple main street, a few bars and restaurants, some art galleries, a movie theater, coffee shops, a florist, a great wine shop, a wonderful butcher in an old convenience store.

Drive South on 89 toward Yellowstone Park and you will find excellent fishing at Depuy Spring Creek.
Buzz Basini will give you the report and sell you a few flies, depending on what the hatch is this time of year.

Or simply walk and get the feel of the place, let the whispers from the mountains fall into your heart.

You never know what you are going to find in Paradise Valley.

 Stare deep into the clean spring water, you will easily forget the city, and you may catch a trout.

Your best resource for food, Matt's Old Fashioned Butcher Shop

You will never forget Paradise Valley,
the beauty and wonder, the rich visual treat from the creeks to the rivers to South on 89 and into Yellowstone Park.