Monday, April 18, 2016

Art - Kellie Garden, Fife Scotland Spring 2016

Kellie Castle in the spring. Hundreds of daffodils everywhere...lining the drive, in the field, in a circle round the walled garden. 
Still cold, but utterly lovely with yellow against the green hills and fields. 

 The rooks make their nests in the trees and call wild to each other constantly. 

Apple trees about to bloom.

The most lived in castle, the exciting Kellie Castle and garden, part of the National Trust. 

Art - Kellie Castle & Garden, Pittenweem, Scotland

 Having escaped alterations made to the great houses in the nineteenth century, Kellie Castle - which dates from 1150 - flourishes intact as part of The National Trust of Scotland.

The arts and crafts garden is well cared for and remains a great house to tour, a place for artists to create and musicians to play.

 The garden cottage where fruit & veg is harvested each Tuesday.

 It's magnificent plaster ceilings were designed by Scottish architect Sir Robert Lorimer, son of Professor James Allan Lorimer, a prominent Edinburgh University Professor of Public and International Law as a holiday home for his wife Hannah,  and their six children - James, John Henry, Hannah, Alice, Louise and Robert.
 The brilliant drawing room kept much the way it was when the Lorimer family lived there.

Hew Lorimer's studio.

Art - Current Project 27 John Street Cellardyke, Scotland

Shutters painted earth red, floor laid, all inside is the south facing view and the constant action movie of the Firth of Forth.

Steel ladder to the loft, steel staircase to the floor below with bath and bedrooms.  

 Ash floor being laid.
Final list to check off and clean up about to happen. 

Design by American FAIA architect Thomas H. Blurock.