Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Travel - One Last night in London at The KNIGHTSBRIDGE HOTEL

On a tree lined street in London's Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea stands
The Knightsbridge Hotel. 

Kit and Tim Kemp have spun magic for their company Firmdale in creating eight boutique hotels in London and one in New York that feel as if you are in a private home. The Soho Hotel, Covent Garden Hotel, Charlotte Street Hotel and Ham Yard Hotel have their own state of the art screening rooms. Kit Kemp has created rugs and fabrics and tea sets and her design book A LIVING SPACE as well as the luxurious Rik Rack collection of bespoke bath products for each guest room. I have had the FIRMDALE collection  on my radar for quite some time. 
The Knightsbridge lobby where drinks are served, papers are read, one awaits their taxi.

Great tubs of champagne and wine make this table groan at 5 p.m.,
or, if you prefer, afternoon tea first at 4.

The beds are a marvel. I've already messed up the perfect bed which can be seen on their website.
The bed is dressed in Frette linens, down pillows and duvets, and there is the
Rik Rack Collection in the bath, a jammed mini bar, flat screens, wifi, granite bathrooms, oh, the correct placement of handbars, robes and towel warmers in the bath, it's all there.
It's luxurious and embracing…and a girl can stay there alone
and feel as if she owns the place.

Lovely way to give the room another layer of ambiance. 
How DO they make scrambled eggs taste better? Is it the butter? Is it the eggs? The butter is soft, the toast is hot, the coffee is delicious. I'm not kidding. Superb breakfast.

Kit and Tim Kemp let their imagination run free in all of their London hotels.
The staff are happy and they make me feel that way. Thank you Jennifer McCabe. But you might ask: What's wrong with this hotel? Where is the weakest link? 
What's wrong - is I could only stay one night. They have done it right.

And their website shows last minute availability anywhere in London. That's what brought me here, last minute, easy and fun. Next stop, Charlotte Street Hotel  in September for a walking Bloomsbury celebration, and The National Portrait Gallery Virginia Woolf Exhibition.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Travel - The Delights of London

What is left to say?  London delights, inspires, fulfills and intrigues. There is no end to the sights, tastes,  and experiences. Thank you London. 


                       Carnaby Street

                                         Victoria & Albert Museum

                  Ian Logan's Bread

                           building going on everywhere

                       Chelsea Arts Club


                               Tana Lawn Liberty Prints

                            Gail's yummy breakfast

                                Kings Cross Station

                            Cadogan Gardens

                    Sloane Square