Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Art - David Hockney at LA Louver

It’s worth it - so worth the drive to Venice to experience 
LA Louver’s exhibition of 

David Hockney 
Something New in Painting
(and Photography) (and even Printing)…

The wondrous colour, the aha - look what he’s done - photographs on photographs, pictures of the paintings - the Paintings - 
so alive as if a ball can fall right off the edge 
crayon on canvas - fun! 

charcoal on canvas - a giggle! Once again, it's about space and time and cut outs of people, digital people within the's as if we can jump right into the picture of the picture. 

the mural

 the actual paintings

 the actual paintings
the space, the colour, the tipping the ball and blue onto yellow, the new blue and the new yellow as Louis Kahn would say.

LA Louver
45 North Vennice Blvd.
Venice, California 90291

the painting of a mirror - where am I? 

It all made me smile and think about my place in space. Thank you David Hockney