Thursday, April 24, 2014

ART - Transcends time - J. M. W. Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 

Today is the day I "cast off" and can walk again. Strange not being able to walk, not being able to go to the market & pick out my own food, go to the movies, visit the museum. Now that we live in a social media world I can keep up with friends there, but what about the ones that don't "do" social? There's text. Hate that for gabbing. Still love the phone. I want to HEAR your voice, is that all right????!!! 

In many ways I have had a fabulous 4 weeks. How often does one stay home for 4 weeks? I'm grateful for: 

Ina Garten & her BAREFOOT CONTESSA Food Network show which I looked forward to every day at 1 p.m.  and she has a new book out! 

The beauty of ASHLEY WOODSON BAILEY'S website

TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES, my favorite cable channel, whose April festival, Mickey Rooney tribute, MGM celebration with a mass of 4 hour pictures, and John Wayne star of the month marathon has delighted and thrilled me more than I can say. 

My favorite authors: Hemingway, Saul Bellow, Alice Munro, Edith Wharton, Willa Cather and a mass of others who have kept me company, as well as that rear window effect into the building across the street; the couple who has dinner at the same time each evening, the newbies in a place with no furniture, just a tv, the photographers studio and the strobe lights going off in the middle of the night and the view onto the twinkling lights of the terrace next door, and beyond to the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood Hills, and the soundtrack of Los Angeles traffic and the bells tolling from the Catholic Church each hour, and not least of all The El Royale presiding over the neighborhood and it's letters in green neon lighting up each evening. I'm grateful. 

But mostly I am grateful for my friends - you all know who you are - who have come bearing food, rugs, flowers, books, good cheer, who have FACEBOOKED and TWEETED and LINKED - ME IN, and emailed, especially my distant friends - who emailed and messaged and linked me and called and PINNED, thank you. 

I can't wait to walk again. 
Walk to my car, to get my hair done, buy new shoes, 
eat out, meet people at the museum, visit my favorite Los Angeles interior stores, 
Nickey Kehoe
Galerie Half
Crate & Barrel

I can't wait to walk from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the bedroom, from the bedroom to the taxi to the airport to walk along the gardens and coastal paths of the United Kingdom. 

Today is Poem in your Pocket day, America's poetic celebration. Here's a favorite. 

by H. D. 

Amber husk 
fluted with gold, 
fruit on the sand 
marked with a rich grain, 

spilled near the shrub-pines 
to bleach on the boulders: 

your stalk has caught root 
among wet pebbles 
and drift flung by the sea 
and grated shells 
and split conch-shells. 

Beautiful, wide-spread, 
fire upon leaf, 
what meadow yields 
so fragrant a leaf
as your bright leaf? 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ART - Poem in Your Pocket Day

"I know the place.
It is true.
Everything we do
Corrects the space
Between death and me
and you."

 - Harold Pinter

Tomorrow is   -  POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY.  

Join the Academy of American Poets in celebration of poetry in America. 

Log on to find a poem you don't know or something to stumble across what you were meant to see. Whether it's Whitman, Dickinson, Bukowski or a short morsel like the one from Harold Pinter I chose print out a few and put them in your pocket. Surprise your new best friends.

Share your poem on TWITTER with #pocketpoem

Thursday, April 10, 2014

ART - What emerges from the fractured ankle

Guess what I've been doing? 


my leg… 

in a cast…

for three long weeks 

after one sweet instant 
when I missed a pushed up 
piece of sidewalk from the gnarly tree roots below on a normal afternoon walk that sent me BOOM! - up in the air sunny skies and baby carriages- look out- and rubber snakes in the grass - LITERALLY a snake in the grass -  and me, right down on the cement. Fractured the ankle and therefore the cast. 

I was given a choice of colour, and, you know, colour has infinite implications. If you read the lacy text on my drawing you'll see a few. 

So I've been busy with crutches and motorized scooters (fabulous) and propped up legs and then of course Turner Classic Movies, THANK GOD.  I'd be going to the TCM festival if it wasn't such a hassle. 

So I content myself to heal while watching Ina Garten, the            BAREFOOT CONTESSA
cook things like parmesan chicken, (that fabulous green arugla & yellow parmesan) and sea bass with prosciutto (claret red on white fish dotted brown - a painting)  and yellow cake with chocolate icing silky and smooth, and white pizza with arugla. What a wonderful show. I look forward to it every day and there are two of them back to back at one o'clock PST so I can eat my lunch & watch Ina at the same time. 

I mean look at this woman - doesn't she look happy? That's because she is doing what she loves - cooking. 

Food wonderful Food. 

You've seen my posts on restaurant Marino, and La Brea Bakery, and Joan's On Third  which are a few of my LA favorites, but all right, here I am with my leg up and I'm renewing my appreciation for Ina.

I "liked" her on Facebook and she responded. That's Ina, not too busy to watch her social media. 

Don't those muffins look appealing?!! 

Thanks Ina. 

2 weeks to go. Love my food.