Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Travel - Big Sur Paradise

Want to sleep in paradise?
"Poppies will make them sleep....."

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur,
definitely the gold standard in eco natural paradise with 5 star food.

Infinity pool, check,
massive stars at night, check,
fabulous massage, check,
why go anywhere else?

Well , there is Pheiffer Beach, Nepenthe for peasant blouses & lunch on the patio with the ocean crashing below, and the Henry Miller Memorial Library which is NOT to be missed. A lot has changed there in the 20 years since I first visited and Emil was still alive and at his leisure with his feet up just inside the door. Glad to know a mountainous figure of American literature is held in esteem in this remarkable place.
And Deetjun's Big Sur Inn is charming and affordable and right off the highway.

Go, breathe and let this magnificent landscape work it's magic.
Serenity, calm and joy will follow.