Friday, June 15, 2012

Girls. The rise of LENA DUNHAM

 OK, I love Lena Dunham. I'm a little late to GIRLS, but have watched all the episodes now, AND TINY FURNITURE, her first feature film, and I'm intrigued, not because Hannah and her friends are off having weird/fun sex (which I think of with fondness) but because the show, makes me remember that I forget that life is simply random - nothing is safe - nothing is secure - nothing lasts forever - and everyone is just trying to figure life out while weird stuff continues to happen; HELLO! taking pills, screwing in cast off construction pipes, smoking dope, getting fired from their jobs, power drinking, and being financially severed by their parents,
photo by Christian Oth                        

our Hannah, now forced to "make it" on her own, which I never was because I was so thrilled to get away from them (parents) that I took the bus out of Main Street, USA, got to California, and started to make my fortune one, two, three.

What I wonder now is why I never tried to make it in Hollywood, I mean I've been here 35 years - but I got involved in commerce instead, and it was very seductive...big FAT commission checks.

I'm not 25, not even 35, but interchange sex, drugs & rock & roll with retirement, menopause and healthcare and there is the next GIRLS......Girls like us,
remembering what it was like to be 25, wearing platform heels, fringed ponchos and low riding leather pants from the front row of a Rolling Stones concert.  I saw stars!

This show is intriguing. Miss Dunham dares to be herself; tattooed, overweight, sometimes without makeup, centered, present, and wickedly talented.

She's my kind of daughter, if I had one.

Thank you writer, director, star,  Miss Lena Dunham.