Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First season's apples in Julia Child's Tart Tatin

I started reading the script for Julie & Julia.

Everything they cook is so inspirational I had to
start peeling apples, and really, it isn't quite apple
season yet. But I got some Granny Smiths, and
some interesting organic sugar at Whole Foods and put that together in my mother's 50 year old seasoned cast iron frying pan and concocted the best. One. Yet.

Oh, Julia Child's recipe for Tart Tatin is simply the best. EVER. A poem, a cog in the feel good bank, a deposit, a winner.


A little time consuming, but worth it.

The secret is in basting those apples while they cook on top of the stove before you push them into the oven. Thank you Julia Child. Thank you.

Here is the way it looked before flipped it over.

Took it to a party over the weekend and had 3 phone calls (actual calls, not text or email) for requests.

Tell me you want one. Email me.

Ahhhhhh, Tart Tatin.