Saturday, July 20, 2019

Travel - Montana - And A River Runs Through It...

Bear Country.
Tom Miner Creek Road.
Emigrant, Montana

I'm into black and white these days. Kind of see the world that way.

I'm into driving up the basin and looking at the aspen trees, the tee-pees - (a portable conical tent made of skins, cloth, or canvas on a frame of poles used by  Native Americans ) - the log cabins, the willow meadows, the raw open wide immaculate beauty. 

If you look closely in the last photograph, you will see those teepees. 

But no people. Where else is open with no people? Cities are crawling with people. 

I would like to plant my own original garden.  Of course a garden cannot be planted quickly here. That's a good third act that lasts. After commerce, marriage, divorce, broken limbs, maybe, as Dan Barber, the great American chef says, "the garden is something that will last beyond my generation, and if you aren't thinking beyond yourself you aren't thinking big enough." I like that. It makes sense. Let's plant a garden.