Friday, March 21, 2014

The female

-  "The female is the one who receives something and, with that, creates. The creative principle is the most marvelous thing in the universe."  - Chu Hsi

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Avalon Hotel. Like a swim in a Hockney painting. Excellent food. Brilliant coffee. Free valet parking. Love that.

Friday, March 14, 2014

#quirkyLA - Or What I happened upon in Santa Monica - Louise & Aziz Farnam's art world

Original * Unique * Fun 

And I am just driving north on 26th Street when I am Gobsmacked by Louise and Aziz Farnam's creation. It started with one tile…13 years and 20 million tiles later they have covered the entire bungalow. I had to stop. So will you. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Queen Victoria and Photography at The Getty Center lent by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Getty

Arrive and lift your eyes to the sky via #evergreen

And Martin Puryear.

Queen Victoria's passion for photography began in the 1840's.
On view in this magnificent show are rare daguerreotypes, private portraits of the Royal Family, and a selection of prints by early masters of photography. 

 This image defines the British Empire.
Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Portrait
July 1893

There are many photographs on view of which none are permitted to be reproduced which, of course, is correct.
 Please go see this exhibition and delight in the interior view of this family. The Queen produced nine children. 

The lovely bougainvillea arbors.

Central Garden created by artist Robert Irwin.

"constantly changing, always whole"

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mario MARINO - Adventures in Eating - Part 2 - LUNCH!

MARINO on Melrose is bang in the center of a renaissance in the south Hollywood - Larchmont - Hancock Park area.

There are 3 major condo projects going up between Highland and Wilcox Avenue. There are  dozens of independent film, sound and digital companies in the neighborhood, and Paramount Studios and Raleigh Studios, and a farmer's market on Sunday.

There is Larchmont Boulevard with it's spas and banks and restaurants and retail stores, and there is the beacon  - THE EL ROYALE - the 1927 Los Angeles Icon by architect William Douglas Lee that lights up each night at dusk in green neon script and can be seen from every direction.

Downtown is booming and east of La Brea has it's gold stars: MARINO - It's a great place to have lunch in a quiet setting with delicious food.

This cod swims from the cold Norwegian waters all the way to MARINO'S L.A. table.  But you knew that, I told you in part 1, now I'm busy eating.
 Linguine Pescatore

Mario sources the line caught cold water fish, the grass fed meat and the fresh organic vegetables. Carmelo at Pane Pane delivers the bread as he has for 29 years, and I let Mario choose the wine because he knows so much about it.

Listed on Eater & Yelp & Zagat rated at 25 food and called "a local treasure."

The down side? Never on Sunday.

MARINO - Reservations  323-466-8812